We will work with your staff to interpret the needs of the organisation and provide you with a quote to do your assessments and assist with the process for determining SDA.

We can also help with connecting your organisation with developers and investors that have built appropriate SDA registered properties, with a view to leasing arrangements.


LHA Assessment to meet SDA requirements

LHA Accredited & qualified Assessor who can complete before & after assessments to single or multiple properties and submit to the NDIA.

We will audit your property to allow you to register it as one of three performance levels: Platinum, Gold or Silver. Performance levels are assigned upon being judged against 15 different criteria. A minimum of eight criteria must be satisfied to achieve the minimum level and be awarded a silver accreditation.

Quote for LHA Modification Criteria

We can provide a quote for the design & modification of your existing properties to bring it to Livable Housing Australia standards and to meet the NDIA criteria you are aiming for.

  1. Produce concept plans for appropriate modifications
  2. Produce design and specification documents as required
  3. Initiate and manage all procurement elements for task
  4. Manage modification outcomes including scope, time, budget and quality

Registration With NDIA

As a Livable Housing Australia Assessor, Adaptable Home Solutions can offer registration with NDIA / accreditation for your property and help you to register it for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) as being Basic, Improved Livability, Fully Accessible, Robust or High Physical Support.

Registered NDIS provider number 4050030575


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