The individualised service that we offer is suitable for developers looking to accommodate people who are looking for a home that responds to their current needs and their vision for the future.


Livable Housing Australia Design Stage

We can design and arrange plans around your developmental requirements, in keeping with NIDA or LHA & aged care requirements as well as handicapped accessibility.

LHA Plan Assessment

We will audit your LHA plans to allow you to register it as one of three performance levels: Platinum, Gold or Silver. Performance levels are assigned upon being judged against 15 different criteria. A minimum of eight criteria must be satisfied to achieve the minimum level and be awarded a silver accreditation.

Assistance With NDIA Registration

As an accredited Livable Housing Australia Assessor, Adaptable Home Solutions can offer certification for your property once constructed by auditing the finished dwelling and help you to register it for SDA with the NDIA as being Basic, Improved Livability, Fully Accessible, Robust or High Physical Support.

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